Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Very busy in studies as have my 10th Board exams this year

Very busy in studies as have my 10th Board exams this year. I want to top in my class and school so working very hard. Even in the 9th class i was the Topper. Even in my 8th, 7th, and 6th as well. Have to work hard as worried about the Board exams. Friends say these exams are very easy or in other words not that hard. But papa says that must work hard to get good marks. Though marks dont matter in 10th as they matter only in 12th for admission to college.

Please view some pics of my Mom n Dad on Aajtak & other TV channels.


My Old pic at Waga Border in Amritsar : Kulveen

While checking the computer of my papa, i found this very old pic of mine. We were at the Waga Border at that time. Waga Border at Amritsar. We visited the beautiful Golden temple in the morning and in the evening we visited the Waga Border. It is the Border of Pakistan. The same pakistan who killed two of our soldiers a day ago. Sounds very bad. How they can kill the smart and handsome army persons of our country. Just watch the pic above. Just watch the pic of the Army person in that. He is almost more than 6 Ft in think. But it was a beautiful place. We sw the parade of our soldiers while closing the gates and unfurling our national flag. it was a great moment, i still remember.

Kulveen L Vohra

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tata Hexa Experience and that too Real time !

My Papa was in Hyderabad for a day to test drive the Tata's new SUV Hexa. He told me about his experience of driving the car in the Rough road mode as well on the road. While on the Rough road it passed through various ditches, drains, hills and slopes. Strange feeling for me that no brakes were applied while coming down from the hill on the descending mode. Seems a Great car but i missed the show. My papa had recorded his experience and i have embedded below the video. Please view it and comment.

Kulveen Kaur Vohra

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Exams over - Now Music, Masti & Holi

After almost a month, exams are over. Really so difficult to pass the month but expecting good results so nothing to worry. Back into form now. Its now Music, Masti & Holi today. Enjoyed a lot with my friends. Colours, Gulal, Baloons and all that. Just a few minutes ago saw few baloons left in the bucket, so rushed upstairs to throw on someone, but my first baloon landed on someone with lot of shouts. HaHaHa. Papa rushed upstairs and we rushed downstairs.