Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Old pic at Waga Border in Amritsar : Kulveen

While checking the computer of my papa, i found this very old pic of mine. We were at the Waga Border at that time. Waga Border at Amritsar. We visited the beautiful Golden temple in the morning and in the evening we visited the Waga Border. It is the Border of Pakistan. The same pakistan who killed two of our soldiers a day ago. Sounds very bad. How they can kill the smart and handsome army persons of our country. Just watch the pic above. Just watch the pic of the Army person in that. He is almost more than 6 Ft in think. But it was a beautiful place. We sw the parade of our soldiers while closing the gates and unfurling our national flag. it was a great moment, i still remember.

Kulveen L Vohra

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