Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Small World


It's my world. My small world. My mom, My Papa, My Didi, My Dadi, & My friends. I really love them all.

Yes, i am a student of 7th Class. I am a small girl, just 12 years old, that too, turned 12 just yesterday, as it was my Happy Birthday, Yesterday.

My Mom & Papa are Bloggers. My Didi also has a Blog. Than why not me ? It was a big question. So i kept on thinking that what to do ? How to do ? What to write ? How to write. 

So i got a thought. Yes i am a small girl. Parents call me a Kid. And ofcourse it's my small world. So i thought of writing on all of us. About me, my didi, my mom, my pa, my dadi, my friends and all those whom i love. Yes my pet dog Roshy is also in this list.

So, wait for my next post, donno about whom. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.


Kulveen Kaur

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