Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home !

A child when born is a real pleasure for all. Even before the birth we start making arrangements, making purchases to keep the baby safe. All kind of injections are given to the mom for the good health of the baby. All kind of good diets are consumed by the pregnant mom so that baby could be healthy on delivery. Once the baby enters this world, we celebrate the occassion. 

But soon its the time for the mom to go to the office as most of the would be moms now are working ones. Soon the loving baby is handed over to the grand mother. She loves the baby very much but being older, she can't take that much care, as is expected from a mother.

After some time, it's the turn of a second baby in the family & all of our attention goes to the new baby. We forget that the elder one also must be cared. The common saying in every home is that, "wo to ab bada ho gya hai".

This results into some kind of neglection for the child. The child finds the new baby in the lap of grand mother & mom in the office. Soon he gets bored from all this. He changes his behaviour. He changes his likes & dislikes. His sleeping pattern also changes. 

Instead of taking nutritious diet, he starts taking junkys. Instead of taking rest in the afternoon, he starts watching TV. He starts trying to avoid the games in ground. And soon he / she becomes obese with specs. 

But none is there to take care of child in a better may. Grand parents are playing with the younger baby & parents are tired after the days work in their offices. This results into bad result in the exams.

Instead of understanding the real cause of all these mishappenings with the child, we scold him, we even beat him. This happened with a very close friend of mine.

Once i called the young boy in my home & tried to understand his problems. Soon i came to know the truth. The boy was not eating any nutritious food. The boy was not playing in the ground. 

Therefore i invited his parents on dinner. They came happily. Than i started with my aim of teaching them & making them understand the real reason that why the elder child was not doing well. I explained them that their child was no more a healthy one, that he has become obese, that they are not paying any attention to him, that they are not giving him some healthy & nutritious food & if they continued in that manner, the future of the child will be spoiled. And this will result into spoiling of their own future as only a healthy child makes a healthy home.

They realised their own mistakes. His mom started crying. His father looked pale n sad. But soon they recovered from the shock. They started caring for the child. They started giving him nutritious food & tonics such as Dabur Chyawanprash regularly. Dabur chyawanprash did miracles with the child. Soon he was fit & healthy. Now he was visible in grounds playing with other children. Soon his marklist improved.

I thanked god as they could realise that its only a healthy child that makes a happy home. If you or any of your friend is facing this kind of problem, please talk to them & offer them Dabur Chyawanprash. You can get more details at https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/

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