Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kulveen's Special - Sugar Free Natura Cake !

I am Kulveen kaur a 13 years old girl. I am a specialist in making the cake as below. If you want to taste it just come to my home and i will make it for you in ten minutes.

Ingredients : Oreo Biscuits – Two packet, Parle G biscuits – one packet, Half cup Milk, 'Sugar free Natura, - as per your taste', Two Eggs, Eno one packet, Vanilla essence – one tea -  spoon, Chocolates & Dry fruit as much you want and two spoon refined oil.

First of all take the oreo biscuits and the parle g biscuits in a mixer jar. Now grind the above to make its powder. Mix milk in it as well two eggs. Mix the Vanilla essence, two spoons of oil and the Eno packet in it. Now pour the Sugarfree Natura as per your taste. Now grind it again to make a batter of the cake.

Now take a microwave bowl and grease it with refined oil. After  that, spray some maida in the bowl in all sides. Now pour the batter made above in the grinder into the bowl.

Now keep the bowl in the microwave for 2 and a half minutes. After that, take it out and use a fork to make some holes in the above cake. Now we have to insert melted chocolate into these holes.

After that, put the bowl again in the microwave oven for another two and a half minutes and take out the bowl after that. Your cake is ready. Now remove the cake from the bowl and put it on a plate.

We can spray melted chocolates over the top layer of the cake. We can also add wafers in the melted chocolates. We can also add dry fruits in the melted chocolate.

Let it be cool for half an hour. The cake is ready. Cut it and taste it. You will enjoy this cake and you can say it is a great new invention of a delicious cake. If you want to know more about Sugar Free Natura, please log on to :

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