Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be Positive, Be Optimistic & don't ever be sad !

It was a chance visit to chandigarh. Me, my mom & my didi got the opportunity to visit our Auntys home. We had our flight booked by Spicejet & we landed at the Chandigarh airport. We took a taxi & soon we reached Mohali. Though it was my first visit to Mohali, I was not much interested as I had no friends there. But mom told me that Guddu Chachu has two small babies & that too Twins & it generated a feeling of optimism in me. I was looking upward to meet those two sweet babies with high hopes of fun n enjoyment.


The minute I reached there, I rushed inside to meet the babies and yeah, I found, two small kids, playing there in the bedroom. On viewing me, they tried to run away. But I had taken with me few gifts for them & therefore, soon we became friends. It was the first time I had viewed Twins. Same face, same color, same eyes, same nose, almost same in everything, though one  was a bit thinner, still, it was very difficult to identify that who was Sahaj & who was Nihal. I started playing with them and you can’t even think that how much I enjoyed there with them.

Though at the very first minute I was not willing to go there, but once there, once I viewed them, once I played with those small babies, the twins, the sweet ones, it generated a great feeling in me. A  feeling  that could force you to visit them again n again. A  feeling that generated positive thoughts in me. A feeling that  I had got two very cute & real friends at mohali.

Guddu Chachu took us to the Sector 7 market in the evening. Once there I found that those two small n cute babies were very naughty also. Both the babies started running in the opposite direction. We were laughing. We were running behind them. But seems they had some hidden wings. They were running or better say flying with their wings and we all rushed in various directions to catch them. It was all fun. I was enjoying every minute there.

Next day we went to the famous lake at Chandigarh. We saw many ducks there but babies were frightened on viewing so many ducks & they rushed to the car & started crying to move elsewhere.

During night both of them were with me. I told them poems & stories. We played a lot but mom asked us to sleep as we had to catch Shatabdi Express next morning. Both of them started crying when we had to leave for the station & so we again offered them chocolates to make them happy. Soon we were at the station & in our train, moving back to Delhi.

But what I realized was that don’t ever be sad, don’t have negative feelings. Just look upwards with optimism & have faith. You will enjoy your life and will achieve everything that you are looking for. If you too want to look upwards with high hopes for the future, please log on to the website Plz share it on Twitter using #lookup.

Most of the Pics were clicked by me & hence I am visible only at the Chandigarh Lake. Look up Pic has been taken with thanks from the link :

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