Saturday, March 14, 2015

Power of being #together to Look upwards !

I am a young girl of 13 years. I just love dogs. All of my friends have a dog. But my mother just hates a dog. It’s not only my mother but even my Nani mom hates a dog. Probably it’s their family problem but it became a big problem in our family.

The problem so started that a friend of my papa, Ravi Uncle, visited us. He had a beautiful & cute Lebra. On finding my interest he just whispered in my ears that he has nine puppies & he can gift me one if I could change the mindset of my mother.

Ahhhhh, I was just in dreams playing with my own Lebra puppy & that too of the original Canadian breed & that too without paying even a rupee. I rushed towards my papa and just demanded the puppy.

I know that my papa loves me a lot & he will never say, no to me for anything. But the situation was even beyond his control. He could not say no to me but he could not understand that how to make up the mind of my mother.

My mom was just shocked on hearing about the arrival of a Puppy in the home. She started shouting. It was a big no from her side. We all could not understand that what to do to resolve this issue.

I was deeply hurt. I was totally depressed. I stopped talking to her. I stopped eating anything. My papa took me too Ravi uncle’s home. I was very happy on viewing the puppy’s. I selected the one for me and started playing.

Me, my papa, Ravi  uncle & his wife, we all discussed about the problem & than we made a plan, a plan to plant the puppy in our home.
We came back to our home without that puppy & I pretended as I am still very angry as even papa had refused for the puppy. I stopped talking even to my papa. There was a big silence every where in the home.

In the morning, while my mother was watering the plants, she found a small puppy playing in the mud. She started shouting but puppy came near to her & started licking her feets. My mother started laughing. We all ran towards the puppy. It was a Lebra. It was the same that I had selected for me. Ravi uncle had visited us in the morning & left the puppy in the garden. We took the puppy inside & gave it a bath. It looked so sweet & so cute.

Even my mother started playing with the puppy. She gave the puppy a beautiful name – Rosler. It generated a great motivation in all of us. I started looking up with joy. We all were happy. The change of mood of my mother had generated a feeling of optimism in all of us. We thanked Ravi uncle for this great Gift that had changed the mindset of my sweet mom. That was a party day at our home. We celebrated it with lot of fun. Till date it was the most memorable day of my life as I was the proud owner of a sweet Puppy, oh sorry, Rosler, the name given by my mom and all this happened as my sweet papa was always there with me i.e. #together.

Therefore, the crux is that, we should always Look upwards with optimism. The situation may be different at different points of time but with the positive thoughts in mind, we can definitely change any situation into the optimistic one. You must log on to the website as it is a most optimistic website that can offer you a wide variety of property at various locations in India. You can also promote it by tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #together and #lookup. 

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