Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life that is bold enough to serve the society !

My uncle was a Govt. officer with a very decent life. He retired from a top most position and was living a peaceful life with his wife. He had two beautiful daughters who were decently married to well educated guys at USA. After the marriage of their daughters, somehow or other they started feeling lonely. They were missing their daughters though both of them were very well settled overseas. So they shifted to USA, lived there with their daughters for almost five years, but felt homesick.

The  Indian spirit inside was not allowing them to stay there any more & so they returned to their own country, far away from their loving daughters. It was definitely a very BOLD decision for them as they had returned home with new thoughts in mind.

Back home, the couple engaged itself in all kind of social activities. He was a very active person with a zeal to do something for others, for the society. Soon he became the talk of the town. He intended to make a change, a change in the way people live.

People started following him. Soon he had a big group following him on Social media. Every morning there were scores of persons visiting her with their issues & he was always eager to resolve, be it a family matter or a civic & social issue.

His popularity grew to such a level that political outfits offered him a seat for the Assembly elections. He was not willing to contest on any political platform, so his friends asked him to contest as an independent candidate. He filed his nominations, contested the election & was declared a winner. He had won his assembly seat with a massive percentage of votes.

Now he was no more a social worker but a member of the Assembly with much more power & much more strength. He used all of the funds for the development of the area. His locality soon became the top most in the entire city. His fan followers crossed the barriers of his locality & reached to other areas also. People started taking his name with utmost respect.

That was the time when he got the best message of his life. Both of his daughters were coming back to him to join his work, to serve the society. That was the most delightful moment of his life.

This all happened, just because he took a very BOLD step, and leaving aside all the love & affections for her daughters, he returned to India with a sole aim to serve the society & that too very honestly. He really did a great job as he brought a CHANGE in the life of the residents. His sole intention was to look upwards with positivity of thoughts.

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